Citizenship by Investment


Caribbean citizenship by investment programs are some of the oldest and most trusted investment options available. 

Foreign investors have the opportunity to apply for full-time citizenship in a number of beautiful and financially secure countries including Grenada, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts & Nevis and St. Lucia.


Starting Program Cost in $


Approx Application Time in Months


Visa Free Countries


Known as the “Spice Island”, Grenada is a Caribbean country comprised of a main island and several smaller islands located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  Grenada is the world’s second-largest producer of nutmeg and a substantial producer of other spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves, hence its name.

Grenada gained its independence in 1974 after a long period under British rule.  It has one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean and is estimated to reach a GDP of USD $1.2 billion in 2020.

Grenada is also enjoyed as a popular vacation destination offering visitors lush rainforest and plantations, sandy beaches and holiday resorts.  The Grand Etang National Park (St. Andrews) set high in the mountains at 1,900ft with waterfalls, a lake and endless walking trails is one of the major attractions of the island.


The Citizenship by Investment program in Grenada was started in August 2013.  It is the only Citizenship by Investment program with an E-2 Investor Visa treaty with the United States whereby Grenadian nationals are given the opportunity to enter and work in the US.  In addition, the passport allows visa-free access to Schengen (Europe) and other nations but also to China and Russia.


Exchange Rate (Pegged to US Dollar)
I USD = XCD 0.27

Official Language:
English, French Patois

Capital and Largest City:
St. George’s

Estimated Population:

Approximate GDP:
USD $ 1.016 Billion

344 sq km

Head of State:
The Queen of England II (British Commonwealth)


Atlas Citizenship

Non refundable Contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) 

Single Applicant – USD $150,000
Family of 4 – USD $200,000
Additional Dependents – USD $25,000

The NTF is a Government run fund, tasked with improving Grenada

Atlas Citizenship

Real Estate Investment of USD $350,000

In addition, Gov’t Fees apply:

Government Fees for up to 4: USD $50,000
Additional dependent: USD $25,000

*Investment must be in a Gov’t approved real estate project and held for a minimum of 4 years, at which point, it can be resold

Due Diligence Fees applicable to all options:

Persons above 18 years of age – USD $5,000
Persons between 12 and 17 years of age – USD $2,000

Processing Time:

Typically 4-5 months for total processing time.  This includes consultation, initial payments, documentation gathering and attestations, paperwork, application submission, due diligence, background checks, government approvals, final payments and passport issuance.  Timeframe can largely vary depending on how quickly the client gathers and submits their documentation to us. 





Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment program is value for money with the starting price of $100,000 for an individual.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia

St. Lucia offers Citizenship by Investment via donation of $100,000 to its’ National Economic Fund or $300,000 in an approved real estate project.

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis, a British Commonwealth, has 2 routes to citizenship via Real Estate or Government Donation.  Prices start at $150,000.

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Program grants citizenship to applicants with visa free access to over 130 countries.  Prices start at $100,000 for Government Donation or $400,000 for real estate.