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Dear Colleague,

If you are a…

  • Citizenship & Residency company owner or advisor
  • Golden Visa Attorney and Law Firm Partner
  • Licensed Government Local Agent
  • Government Office in charge of promoting a Global Residency or Citizenship Program
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Organizer of Investment Migration Events
  • Owner of a Media platform assisting Investors and Agents

…you’re in the right place. 

If you belong to one of the categories above, you are challenged on daily basis either from a client, an employee, a colleague, an application or an unsatisfactory government reply. 


Obstacles Which Prevent International Citizenship and Residency Firms to Grow

A few company owners told me:

“Our clients are HNWI interested in the residency/citizenship by investment program. What do we do with them?”

“We need to update certain strategies to see what kind of market share and where we specifically need to target our services”

“It is of our interest also to provide solutions that include not only {our main country of business} but possibly other EU schemes based on residency”

“We don’t have necessarily clients who are immediately looking for an alternative to the program that was closed”

“We cannot penetrate all of these new areas in the market simultaneously, rather we would go step by step”

“The main reason for the lack of conversion, if there was any, was because the client didn’t like something about the program”.

Talking about leads and conversion to clients, lawyers tell me: “It came in. You don’t know where they come from”

What do you mean “you don’t know where your leads are generated”?

Do you really think that the lack of conversion from lead to paying client is that the investor “doesn’t like the program”?

Don’t you have clients immediately looking for your service?

“We are different”….you may think about your company. 

As a confirmation that you’re not different, when you talk to prospects they want to negotiate fees and make comparisons based on the professional fee quoted by your competitors. And you know that most clients don’t negotiate fees in other offices. Price is not an objection for their clients. Why? You can chose your clients. But also, you can educate your client on price expectancy. 

No time?

Most days you have no time to handle all the incoming business. Call the leads, agents, reply to emails, instant messaging, your team needs you…and you’re burned out. To be more productive, it’s normal not go to the office and work from home and avoid all those interruptions.

When the company depends on you and you have to be in the office everyday, that is a problem. If you are away for 2 weeks or 1 month for health reasons, for vacation, for any humanly possible reason …it’s not good news for the company. You’re the only one who has access to information so everyone has to come to you. You’re the only one who can do the work, relate to agents and close clients because those tasks were never delegated.

Your consultants are burned out too. They get tired. They are less motivated. The office is silent or worse consultants are gossiping instead of talking to clients.

The industry? 

The industry is stalling sometimes. Sometimes it is very dynamic, too much. There are lots of bad news. But when you see clients going to your competitors who are less qualified than you are…that’s a loss and a tough lesson for you, for your team, for your pockets and your company growth.

If you know your clients, you know that all companies look the same, with a few exceptions. And not because they are “better” or they are  “the best in town”…that stuff doesn’t exist. What counts is the way a company is perceived by a potential client. You can install those beliefs, as your competitors do.

Unless you do something different, you’ll only be a number.

Some say “it’s ok”

If you’re reading this, it means that it’s not ok. You can do better.


” Now, It’s a Great Moment For Our Industry ”

– Despite What Many Say –

Things change quickly nowadays.

Over the last 90 days…

⚠️ Programs you’ve worked for years…CLOSED

⚠️ Programs that were your main source of income…CLOSED

⚠️ Nationalities that were your main target, now are BANNED almost everywhere

With this volatility some programs give you the hope that will keep going for a while because for you they were source of great business, plus you’re based in that country or you’re from that country.

The situation has evolved dramatically. We can’t rely on programs that we can’t control.

We have to calculate that THREE months from now things will change again but we don’t know how 

Are you prepared?

If you studied what happened in this industry every 90 days over the last 2-3 years, you understood that you can’t be accountable at the end of the year -as most “managers” think. It’s a month to month, week to week full check up. 

I’m sure you want to see the motion of your company… 

  • You don’t want to improvise. 
  • You don’t want to wait and see what competitors do because you lost your confidence and you’re unsure.
  • Your team rely on you as a leader, if you don’t want them to leave.
  • If a program closes or nationalities are banned…what does it mean to you? 
  • Is it tragic or do you see new opportunities? 

NEW markets open fast because there are new unmet needs to fulfill.
If you can’t see the motion of the market...
then you'll be vulnerable to extinction.



There is too much competition and being compared to cheap firms is an insult, considering your team, your efforts and your potential. 

One of the worst nightmares is becoming commodities for clients.

So what do you do? 

Most firms get their only inspiration of growth from the example set by other competitors. 

You know that copy each other is a toxic strategy.

You keep looking for ways to be less dependable by bigger players, which in some sense you don’t even like…but for business purpose you need to keep the relationship going…

How painful is it?


Do You Really Want To Add Extra Value To Your Company?

Instead of copying the competitors, get rid of them by being different!

You may need someone with fresh eyes who’s not in your office like you are. 

Someone who’s not involved in the same circumstances with the same people on everyday basis. 

Someone who knows the business very well, has different expertise and can bring you the value that you need. 

There’s something that you don’t know, haven’t tried yet or haven’t tried with the right people.

Forget brand marketing. Forget spending money without knowing exactly whether any result was produced. Stop wasting money without knowing what a third party agency does with it. Stop copying the competitors.

This expertise must include the Residency and Citizenship programs but also the core of a business. 

What’s the core of a business? Hint: it’s not the service that you provide. 

🛑 The core of the business is your paying client and how to get that client.

Translated, it’s the marketing and sales system.
If you want to excel in your business, you found the right place to start from.

The Advanced Sales & Marketing Support is the partnership between YOU and I to improve your work.

In fact, you can actually hire me to work with you as a partner

When I talk to firm owners promoting Residency or Citizenship programs I understand immediately if they want to evolve, if they want to learn something new, if they want to try and test with minimum risk, if they have ambitions of growth....

....or rather if they want to sit forever in their comfortable office chairs and be mediocre!
Clearly it’s a service for those who think like us.

If you invest in my service, you invest in your knowledge and development 🛑

I Help Companies
At 3 Different Levels Of Growth:


Start and Develop
a New Residency
or Citizenship Department

You understood that the service is in demand. You have clients. Do you want to start this business from scratch? Do you want to create a new Residency and Citizenship department within an existing company? Do you want to launch a new program to your audience?


the Existing Operations

Your firm has been existing for a while and it’s doing well. However you have challenges in adapting to quick changes, your staff is limited. It’s time to optimize the existing division and scale up



You are doing very well but you still want to have the best knowledge in the market on your side from the best partners.
 (rather than working with your competitors) for your plan of exponential growth.

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📌 Do you need to send offers to your clients by email, more often and more efficiently?
📌 Do you want to use Multiple-Channels for a broader delivery of your company message
📌 Are you wondering if Google or Facebook work for you?
📌 Have you thought to get a Marketing second opinion?
📌 Do you have salespeople who need training?


Besides my expertise in Golden Visa programs and Citizenship by Investment schemes, Sales and Marketing…I’m chosen by firms because:

🔎 You need someone who is independent and needs no supervision

🔎 You need someone who must be accountable, report and be clear on goals and results

🔎 You need someone who understands that if money go out, they have to come back in multiple in a timely manner

🔎 You need someone who keeps your company information strictly confidential 

🔎 You need someone to take advantage from the experience accrued with ALL the firms he worked before you. 

🔎 You need someone who assisted several companies and see with fresh eyes what doesn’t work properly and improves it!

🔎 You need someone just like you who executes the work, study most of his time and apply immediately.

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I crafted this project for you to play a better business, easier and win the competition.
Now, it’s time to get to work!
And it’s best if we do it together.

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It all started here...
" I was chatting with a company owner at an industry event in London a few years ago. He was so bothered talking about governments giving preferential treatment to some companies, cheap clients forcing him to a lower fee or preferring a questionable “deal” instead of an informative consultation from a licensed local agent. Moreover, high marketing costs and low-performing employees were bringing him slow and unimpressive returns. He was missing something. He offered me an initial 2-month partnership aimed at improving and fixing a list of things about his business. And it worked "
My name is Daniele and I’m a former consultant of one of the top Dubai-based companies and prolific government agent in multiple jurisdictions.
Almost 10 years ago I started advising international investors on their Second Citizenship and Second Residency generating several million USD in assets sold and professional fees.
It’s been a long journey…consulting 1000s HNWIs of many nationalities, wealth levels and cultural backgrounds.
Lately, behind-the-scenes, I’ve been supporting the work of a few companies that trusted my advice and are aligned with my discreet but straightforward approach to business and focus on numbers. How much each $1 invested today can generate for you tomorrow?
Perhaps it happened to you too to throw your budget in generic marketing agencies offering PR and social media work, attending events across the world, believing in lazy consultants wasting your precious time. 
If you wish me to share my experience and knowledge in a way that will positively impact your business, then you can fill out the form below and I will personally call you back.  

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