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 What Is It That Makes Some Clients Say “Yes” ?
I was chatting with a company owner at an industry event in London a few years ago.
He was so bothered talking about governments giving preferential treatment to some companies, cheap clients forcing him to a lower fee or preferring a questionable “deal” instead of an informative consultation from a licensed local agent.
Moreover, high marketing costs and low-performing employees were bringing him slow and unimpressive returns.
He was missing something.
He offered me an initial 2-month partnership aimed at improving and fixing a list of things about his business. And it worked.
My name is Daniele and I’m a former consultant of one of the top Dubai-based companies and prolific government agent in multiple jurisdictions.
Eight years ago I started advising international investors on their Second Citizenships and Second Homes generating several million USD in assets sold and professional fees.
It’s been a long journey…consulting 1000s HNWIs of many nationalities, wealth levels and cultural backgrounds.
Lately, behind-the-scenes, I’ve been supporting the work of a few companies that trusted my advice and are aligned with my discreet but straightforward approach to business and focus on numbers. How much each $1 invested today can generate for you tomorrow?
Perhaps it happened to you too to throw your budget in generic marketing agencies offering PR and social media work, attending events across the world, believing in lazy consultants wasting your precious time. 
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